Cultural and creative industries

From 2020, the Cultural and Creative Industries area is a new specialisation domain in the Zlín Region.

It thus complements existing parts of specialisation such as engineering, ratios and ICT.

The Zlín Region is a leader in cultural and creative industries.

Cultural and creative industries are deeply rooted in our region. We develop creativity and creativity in children. You can find creative industries in secondary schools and continue your studies at Tomas Bata University. Up to 17% of its graduates come from these fields. Come and join them. Live in Zlin!

1 faculty

You can study Cultural and Creative Industries at one of the six faculties of Tomas Bata University - Faculty of Multimedia Communications.

Source: UTB

452,3 mil. CZK

Private expenditure of companies on research and development in the field of cultural and creative industries in the Zlín Region.

Source: MPO

30 members

Number of members of the Zlín Creative Cluster

Source: ZKK