Relationships and social cohesion

The divorce rate in the Zlín Region has long been below the national average (2.42%).

The entire region, with a divorce rate of 2.0%, is among the lowest in the country. Children are more often born in marriage than elsewhere (ZK 61.6%, CZ 53.3%).

Family and good relationships are the basis of the Zlín Region.

Relationships, family and friends are the most important thing. This is doubly true in Moravia. Slovácko and Wallachia are kind, friendly and warm-hearted people. In the Zlín Region, we honour family and cherish our roots. We live in the region with the lowest divorce rate and the highest number of children born in wedlock. Live in Zlin!


share of people in foreclosure

ČR 6,39% (as of 30. 6. 2022)

Source: EK ČR


share of children born in marriage in 2020

Source: ČSÚ


share of the population in marital union

Source: ČSÚ