The number of crimes per 1,000 inhabitants is below average.

The monthly average number of criminal acts per 1,000 inhabitants in the period 1/2013-11/2020 was as low at 1.03 in the Zlín Region (compared to 1.78 across the Czech Republic).

The Zlín Region is simply safe.

You don’t have to worry about your loved ones in the Zlín Region. We have one of the lowest crime rates in the entire Czech Republic. So you don’t have to call a taxi to get home from the movies or a party. We also know how to behave behind the wheel, and we keep our traffic accident rate below the national average. Live in a simple safe county. Live in Zlin!


low number of registered crimes in 2020

-733 compared to 2019

Source: ČSÚ


number of fires per 1000 inhabitants in 2021

-0,1 compared to 2020

Source: ČSÚ


traffic accidents in 2021

+353 compared to 2020

Source: ČSÚ