Economy and labour market

The general unemployment rate in the Zlín Region is meager.

Employees are more likely to work for Czech companies than in other regions of the Czech Republic, and the share of foreign investors is lower.

The Zlín Region is one open job opportunity that offers new possibilities and offers every day. With an average unemployment rate of 3%, you will find jobs in various fields. Businesses with Czech capital have a good background here. This gives you the feeling that you are really at home. Be part of the added value of the Zlín region. Do business with us. Live in Zlin!

Getting Support for a Start-up

The most important fields of business

The city of Zlín is regional centre of Zlin region. The current industrial potential of the region is based on the existence of established major manufacturers mainly in the rubber and plastics industries and ICT sector, an industry with great potential for innovation. The city has a broad business support infrastructure. Cluster initiatives are also active such as the Zlín Creative Cluster and Plastics Cluster.

The Zlín Creative Cluster is the first cluster in the Czech Republic focusing on the creative industry. The city has significant potential in industrial design, film industry and other fields of cultural and creative industries, which contributes to the non-technical innovations and brings added value to the other sectors.

The Plastics Cluster was established with the aim of creating a communication platform for its members to share values and to be involved R&D projects.

Business or R&D facilities

The institutional background for research and development is provided by Tomas Bata University in Zlín and other research institutes. TBU consists of six faculties: the Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics, Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Faculty of Applied Informatics, Faculty of Humanities as well as the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management located in Uherské Hradiste.

One of research institutes is the Centre of Polymer Systems (PS), which is actively involved in R&D in the field of plastics, rubber and materials engineering. CPS is the top scientific institution of Tomas Bata University in Zlin (TBU) which guarantees research into polymer systems using the latest technology.

The Centre for Security, Information and Advanced Technologies (CEBIA-Tech) specializes in the development of R&D in the spheres of applied informatics, security technologies and alternative energy sources. This organization provides dynamic opportunities for further advancements in R&D in the Zlín Region.

Incubators and accelerators

Technology Innovation Centre s.r.o. is an accredited member of the Society of Science and Technology of the Czech Republic. It supports start-up entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the Zlin region to transform thoughts into profits. The key role is in creating tools for the support of innovation activities that will allow the stimulation of economic growth and prosperity in the region.

The aim is to increase the competitiveness of local companies and to contribute to the creation of highly advanced workplaces. TIC Zlín offers services such as:

The business incubator for starting companies with an interesting business idea.

The technological park for companies engaged in research, development and innovations.

Coworking spaces

The city of Zlín can offer new working spaces in which to rent facilities with a true community atmosphere. The future will bring even more opportunities to work in coworking spaces as a reaction to increasing demand.

Coworking in Technology Innovation Centre s.r.o.

Additional services to the business incubator including the lease of one large shared office.

Centre of Creative Industries and Business UPPER

A space for students and new graduates, primarily from TBU, for starting their own business in the fields of creative industries. UPPER offers the possibility to lease two main types of working spaces: ateliers and a shared coworking space.


share of unemployed persons (as of 30 July 2022)

+0,2 p. b. compared to 2021

Source: MPSV

11 799

vacancies (as of 30 July 2022)

-543 compared to 2021

Source: MPSV


gross domestic product (GDP) of the region in 2020 in hundreds of thousands of CZK

Source: ČSÚ